Baden-Württemberg, 10 to 12 October 2017

Green innovation is essential for achieving deep decarbonisation. By pioneering and refining the systems and technologies that will underpin the global transition to a low-carbon economy, businesses and industries can gain a competitive edge in existing and emerging markets. They can also reduce costs by investing in energy efficiency and other resource saving measures. This three-day study tour looks at some of the forward-thinking approaches and low-investment green technologies that German businesses, including many that are also active Central or Eastern European countries, are developing to put them on a sound footing for growth in the decades ahead. Particularly important areas for innovation in Germany include electro-mobility, green heating and cooling, renewable energy technologies, plant and mechanical engineering and construction, and smart system and grid development.

Key questions                           

  • How are (small and medium-sized) businesses preparing for the transition to a low-carbon economy?
  • Which incentives have been put in place to encourage businesses to improve energy and resource efficiency?
  • What kinds of initiatives and polices encourage entrepreneurship and innovation in green technologies?

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